What are Hemorrhoids?

Almost all of us will have to experience hemorrhoids at some point in our lives.  Many of us before the age of 50

but many more after this age.  What are hemorrhoids? 
Hemorrhoids are the condition of the veins around the anus swelling and becoming
 Hemorrhoids usually shrink on their own.  If not there are home remedies and over the counter
medications available. 
Hemorrhoids are itch, irritating, sometimes painful lumps that cause a major disruption

in or lives.  If they become infected or bleed heavily medical attention is required. 
What are hemorrhoids as you note carries answers that vary on specific conditions.  Hemorrhiods can be either internal or external.  Depending on which, they can cause bleeding, irritation and

pain.  Internal hemorrhoids classic symptom is bleeding.  The blood is found in the stool, in the toilet water,

on the toilet paper you have used to wipe or in underwear.  External hemorrhoids rarely bulge out but on occasion

they do.  However they do not form blood clots as external hemorrhoid sometime.
External hemorrhoid are usually the painful ones.  These get irritated by wiping and straining a bowel movement. 

External hemorrhoids can also be itchy and bleed.  If a clot forms, it is known as a thrombosed hemorrhoid.  The

clot is not able to escape and run free in the body like other clots so there is no worry.  External hemorrhoids

are grape like lumps that sometimes need surgery for relief.
The causes for hemorrhoids is crucial to understand along with defining what are hemorrhoids.  It includes sitting for long periods of time, diet, obesity, chronic diarrhea,

constipation, anal penetration and during pregnancy.  Stress can also lead to hemorrhoids. 
Hemorrhoids will sometimes shrink on their own after a few days.  Home remedies will help as will over the

counter medications and creams.  If your hemorrhoids persist after several days where treatment shows no

improvement, your doctor should be consulted.  These more stubborn hemorrhoids may require surgery.  You and your

doctor can decide which procedure is best for you. 
Regardless of the solution for your particular case, it is important to avoid the doctor in the first place.  To

avoid hemorrhoids from straining, drink plenty of water and eat a diet high in fibre.  This will allow the bowel

to pass easily through the canal.  What are hemorrhoids, you ask?  Something you surely want to avoid!


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