Understanding Hemorrhoids Itching

Hemorrhoids itching and driving you mad?  Let us look into the world of hemorrhoids, its causes, signs and symptoms and what you can actually do to relieve the itching and maybe pain you are experiencing at the same time. 

Your hemorrhoid itching will most likely begin in and or around the rectum or anus area. This anal area, we could also note, consists of 2 sphincters which control the excretion of feces. They are the internal and external sphincters.  The anus then is a ring of muscular, circular muscles and its primary function is to relax and contract as a persons stool passes through.

When you think of hemorrhoids, it’s a given that we probably visualize a picture of an anus.  However, what we also need to understand is the important structure that is attached right down to our anus.  The structure or part I refer to are the blood vessels.  The blood vessels supply the anus and the anus area including the sphincters the vital blood it requires to function at an optimal level.

Being overweight, dieting, taking drugs and pregnancy are some causes of hemorrhoids.  These may cause an increased pressure on the blood vessels surrounding the anal area as described above therefore this stoppage of blood flow reaching the anal area muscles, may result in the blood vessels in that lower area to bulge.  Cases include internal hemorrhoids, external or both.

In conclusion, having some basic knowledge about how hemorrhoids are formed and some understanding on how that part of your body operates should be important to you.  Now that we have briefly and in a very elementary way touched on some information, we should have a better understanding of how a hemorrhoid could cause an uncomfortable itching if that is the case for you.  As always, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence anytime you seek a remedy for your itching hemorrhoids.  Good luck.


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