Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment

Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment

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Is there a Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment. How do you treat the pain of thrombosed hemorhoids? That’s a good question and I am going to help you with that. However a brief explanation of what a hemorhoid is and who gets them will have to be covered. First of all there art two types of hemorhoids. Mild hemorhoids cause little if no pain and are internal for the most part. We are able to continue with our everyday activities and they can be a mild discomfort. A thrombosed hemorhoid is external, itchy, painful, sometimes embarrassing because of the awkward way we have to walk. Thrombosed hemorhoids have developed a blood clot, are hard, lumpy and very painful. Both types are common, usually occurring after the age of 50. However hemorhoids can be caused from prolonged sitting, and straining of the bowels among other things. The veins in the anus or rectum area become enlarged and swell. For the sake of this article I will focus on the treatment of the thrombosed hemorhoids.




Once you have tried several methods of Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment from creams, to suppositories and there has been no change in your condition; it is important to seek medical advice from your doctor. Thrombosed hemorhoids as mentioned cause an unbearable pain and is severe enough that surgery may be required if over the counter and home treatments do not eliminate the hemorhoids. Since thrombosed hemorhoids keep you from living a normal productive life these measures are necessary.


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I spoke with a colleague of mine recently who had severe problems with hemorhoids a Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment. I approached him one day and asked him if we could discuss what happened to him. I will call him Max for the sake of this article. Max tried everything and finally when he could stand the pain no longer, he went to see his doctor. I asked him why he didn’t seek medical attention right away and he replied that he did his research on the web and used what he learned to see if he could rectify the problem so to speak. No pun intended. Max went on to explain how embarrassed he was to have a doctor examine his rectum. He said after he thought about it he was sure he was not the first person that his doctor had to do a butt exam on. Reluctant or not he saw his family doctor and was told of several procedures used to shrink his thrombosed hemorhoids. Max said that out of the several procedures available to have the blood clot drained he choose a chemical injection around the area to shrink the hemorhoids. Max said it was very successful and provided immediate relief. He is always in a better mood and smiles a lot more I have noticed. I thanked him for his story and said I was glad he had his life back.

So there it is as far as Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment go. Each person is different, the severity of the hemorhoid or if they respond to home remedies or over the counter medications will determine if medical attention is needed. I suggest you start here and do your research. Most cases are not severe and you will find a solution to your individual problem right at your fingertips. The severity of the hemorhoid will depend on the treatments you will use. If over the counter medications and home remedies do not work, you may want to consult your doctor. You and your doctor can decide which surgery will be right for you.

All the best…good luck with your Thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment and I sincerely hope your feeling better soon.


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