Shrinking Hemorrhoids

Shrinking Hemorrhoids

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Most of us at some point in our lives will experience hemorrhoids.  They are painful, itchy, irritating grapelike lumps that form around the anus or rectum.  Shrinking hemorrhoids becomes a priority.  They are caused from straining when having a bowel movement and during pregnancy, among other things.  The vein becomes swollen and inflamed.  The result is a lump or lumpsprotruding around the anal area.


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There are two types of hemorrohids, internal and external.  Internal hemorrhoids cause little if any symptoms but can bleed.  You may notice streaks of blood in the stool, on the toilet paper or in the toilet water.  The bleeding should be light or very little.  If the bleeding is heavy, talk to your doctor to rule out other digestive disorders and rule in hemorrhoids that need shrinking. 

The external kind become irritated, inflamed, itchy and painful.  In most instances they will shrink on their own after a few days.  Cleaning the area 3x per day and especially after a bowel movement is important so the hemorrhoids do not linger.  Bathing, having a sitz bath, or wiping with quilted baby wipes will do the job of shrinking hemorrhoids or at the very least, relieve the pain.  However those more persistant hemorrhoids will require some type of treatment.

Most hemorrhoids shrink on their own after a few days.  If they linger you can treat the hemorrhoids with home remedies or over the counter medications.  These remedies take several days to work but in most instances will rid you of the irritation, itchiness and pain.  This will shrink the hemorrhoids and life will be back to normal.  If thehome remedies do not result in alleviating the symptoms and shrinking the hemorrhoids, you will have to consult your doctor.  In rare cases a clot will form and surgery will be the only solution to shrinking the hemorrhoids. 

Home remedies are used by most people and include natural products such as herbs.  I recommend you do research because there is a massive amount of information on home remedies.  A diet high in fibre with plenty of water consumption each day is necessary not only to avoid the hemorrhoids but to shrink hemorrhoids as well.  The water is important in assisting the bowel movement through the intestine and out the anal opening. 

If finances are not an issue you will find great ways of shrinking hemorrhoids.  Plenty of creams, ointments and suppositories all promising results.  You will have to decide which treatment best suits your particular case.  After several days the hemorrhoids should have shrank and disappeared.  If the hemorrhoids you are dealing with are external hemorrhoids, they continue to bleed or you see no signs of progress, seek medical attention.  There are a few types of surgeries to shrink thehemorrhoids.  Your doctor can recommend a surgery thatis best suited for you and can result in instant relief.  Hemorrhoids are not life threatening even if they form a clot.  Clots can not escape so they will not get into your system.  Hemorrhoids become an embarrassing inconvience and with a few lifestyle changes they can be avoided.  The only exception may be pregnancy when straining is inevitable during childbirth.  
After speaking to a few individuals about this embarrassingissue and have found that while home remedies work for some, others swear on over the counter medications.  Each case will depend on how long and how severe your hemorrhoids are.  You will find all you need and get all your questions answered right here at your fingertips.  Good luck with your research and most of all good luck with shrinking your hemorrhoids and getting on with your day…shrinking hemorrhoids whether yours or someone you care about sure beats surgery.


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