Hemorrhoid Herbal Remedies

Hemorrhoid Herbal Remedies


Home remedies are common household items or foods used to treat or cure a disease or aliment.  Hemorroid herbal remedies falls into this category too.  There are many treatments available to treat hemorrhoids, from home remedies,  to over the counter creams, to surgery.  Hemorrhoid herbal treatments are home treatments used to help with this debilitating condition. 


Hemorrhoids are itchy, irritating and sometimes very painful lumps around the anus or rectum area.  Hemorrhoid herbal remedies may help cure this.  They are caused from sitting too long, straining during a bowel movement or pregnancy, among other things.  Hemorrhoids disrupt our ability to function properly with our everyday activities.  They can be so swollen and painful that walking and sitting are almost impossible without embarrassment or pain.


It is important to keep the area clean so that the hemorrhoids will not linger as well as using a home remedy.  When cleaning the area use water and soap that does not contain perfume or moisturizers.  In addition to using hemorrhoid herbal remedies, it is recommended to take 3 showers or baths per day but this may be troublesome.  If unable to do 3x per day you can substitute toilet paper for wiping after a bowel movement to using thick quilted baby wipes.  Pat dry to avoid irritation and keep the area clean so that the hemorrhoids do not linger around.
What are herbal remedies for hemorrhoids..well now you are ready to start your herbal treatment.  There are several available that relieve different symptoms. Your choice of treatment will depend on your  particular symptoms.
Barberry( berberis aristata ) will promote a healthy balance of microbial in the intestine speeding up recovery.  Barberry also purifies the blood.
Butcher’s Broom( ruscus aculeatus) contains vein narrowing qualities. 
Horse Chesnut – will strengthen the veins and has astringent as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
Neem( azadirachta indica, margosa) this herbal remedy has been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. 
Psyllium- is a laxative and will help in the short term with constipation.  Psyllium also lowers cholesterol. 
Slippery Elm(ulmus fulva) softens the stool.
Witch Hazel( hammamelis viriniaqna) reduces the swelling and inflammation.  It is effective in stopping the flow of blood.
The herbal treatment you use will depend on your particular case of hemorrhoids.   If you find that your hemorrhoids have not disappeared after a few days on their own or after using hemorrhoid herbal treatments, after several days, seek medical attention.  Occasionally hemorrhoids are more serious and will require surgery.  These are simple procedures and will remove the hemorroids instantly.  You and your doctor or qualified advisor can decide which procedure including selecting the best hemorrhoid herbal remedies is best for you.


What are hemorrhoids?

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