Hemorrhoid Creams

Ah, hemorrhoid creams!  There are several creams available to treat hemorrhoids.  The type and strength of the cream will depend on the hemorrhoid you have.  First of all hemorrhoids are irritating, itchy sometimes painful lumps found around the anus or rectum.  The hemorrhoid is caused from straining a bowel movement or during pregnancy among other things.  Some people experience hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid creams for help before the age of 50 but many more after this age.  A hemorrhoid can usually shrink with home remedy treatments or over the counter drugs such as creams and suppositories.  However the more severe, painful hemorrhoids which last longer then several days, require medical attention.  It is possible that you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid which has developed a clot.  Not the kind of clot found in other parts of the body that can cause a stroke.  The clot formed from the thrombosed hemorrhoid will not break loose.  These more severe cases do not react to creams or suppositories and may require surgery. 


 A vascoconstrictor based hemorrhoid cream has a high protective base which will protect from further hemorrhoid deterioration.  To suppress the pain as well you will need to use a cream that is not only vasoconstrictor based but also includes anesthetic.  Ok, so what the heck does all this mumbo jumbo mean?  Speak to a professional ..please!  Sometimes we do our own research but do we really understand what we are reading even if we use the dictionary?  Get the proper meaning by an experienced expert :-)


 It is important to know which kind of hemorrhoid you have.  If you have bleeding and severe pain you may have what are known as fissure hemorrhoids.  Fissure hemorrhoids need specific ointment that contains nitro-glycerine.  Fissure hemorrhoids do not react to creams.  Fissure hemorrhoids are a tear in the anal canal causing a blister or wound.  Itching and bleeding is common.  If you are not sure which type of hemorrhoid you have see your doctor to get the right hemorrhoid cream for your unique situation. 


If you are pregnant, it is important to use a safe hemorrhoid cream.  Speak to your health care provider on which one is best for you.  Most hemorrhoid creams will ease the pain during pregnancy.  Constipation is usually the reason for hemorrhoids during pregnancy.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get fibre in your diet.  Drinking plenty of water and a stool softener will also prevent constipation. Pregnant women should include as much activity in their day as possible. 


The hemorrhoid cream or treatment you use should work to alleviate the the itching and irritability.  See your doctor if the pain of your hemorrhoids last several days or if you have bleeding from the rectum.   Bleeding from the rectum is very serious and you should seek medical attention so that colon cancer can be ruled out.


Find out here, about thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment.


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