Hemorrhoid Care

Hemorrhoid Care


Hemorrhoid care is something you want to avoid by taking action to prevent hemorrhoids before it occurs.  If you have not had hemorrhoids before the age of 50,you may get these irritating, itchy and painful lumps at some point after the age of 50.  Just under half of us will experience these embarrassing lumps.   They disrupt our everyday activities, mental focus and sometimes inhibit our ability to walk properly.  There are several ways to take care of  hemorrhoids from home remedies to over the counter drugs.  Hemorrhoids usually disappear after several days but if they don’t you will be seeking immediate hemorrhoid care.  
There are internal and external hemorrhoids.  The internal ones generally cause no symptoms.  The external kind are found around the anus or rectum.  They are caused from straining during a bowel movement and pregnancy among other things.  When caring for hemorrhoids it is important to start with cleansing the area, it will prevent them from lingering. Using a moist towelette will be less irritating when cleaning.  Many of the creams and suppositories used for treating and caring for hemorrhoids only alleviate the pain and itching.  They do nothing to reduce the swollen vein causing the hemorrhoids.  For those severe and more persistent cases that do not go away after several days, there are a couple of minor surgeries available.  You will have to consult your doctor to decide the best procedure for you.  One option may be a band that is put at the base of the haemorrhoid.  Another option may be to inject a chemical for instant relief.  This is just the tip of helpful things adding to Hemorrhoid care and solutions.
I have spoken to a few people who have had hemorrhoids at one point or another in their lives.  Evelyne is a 52 year old female who has had to deal with hemorrhoids on and off since the age of 30.  Evelyne’s first experience with hemorrhoids came when she had her first child.  Her situation or case was not serious and she found remedies at home to help her with the irritability and pain.  She said that by caring for her hemorrhoids with home remedies helps until they shrink and go away.  She is back to her normal self within several days.
Steven, a 46 year old man gets hemorrhoids that are persistent and do not go away with home remedies, creams or ointments so he will require a different form of hemorrhoid care.  Steve has had the chemical injection and gets the instant relief he so desperately requires.  It is important for Steve to be focused at his executive job and he must get back to his everyday activities when he has the hemorrhoids flare up.  Although Steve has tried several solutions over the years to rid himself of hemorrhoid, he has ultimately had to seek medical help.  Seeking Medical hemorrhoid care is always the intelligent and sure safe way to go. 
It doesn’t matter what age you are or how severe the case of your hemorrhoids are.  The proper hemorrhoid care will depend on each individual case.  From inexpensive home remedies to band or chemical surgery I know you will find the solution for you.  There is a lot of information at your fingertips to relieve your discomfort and have you living your life again.  Please take good care of your hemorrhoids by ridding yourself of them.


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