Healing Hemorrhoids

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 If you are one of millions of people looking to healing hemorrhoids because you are tormented by the discomfort, irritation and embarrassment of hemorrhoids then healing them becomes a priority so daily activites can resume.  Hemorrhoids are common yet painful condition some suffer once with and others regularly.  Hemorrhoids are veins that have swollen in the anus or rectal area.  If the hemorrhoid forms in the anal canalyou will develop internal hemorrhoids.  When the hemorrhoid forms under the skin it is known as an external hemorrhoid.  Most internal hemorrhoids have no symptoms and disappear on their own while others bleed.  A hemorrhoid will develop when pressure or strain is put on the veins.  If forced to stretch and swell the hemorrhoid(s) result.  This is common during pregnancy and delivery. 

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Healing hemorrhoids the natural way is a good place to start when wanting to avoid the doctor and get back toyou.  Water is extremely important to avoid constipation resulting in the pressure to release the bowel movement.  However it will also soften the stool making your next bowel movement less painful.  Light exercise is a good idea and yoga will help relax the muscles.  A diet high in fibre and green vegetables is very helpful. 
A sitz bath is one of the first things everyone should do and repeat 3 times each day.  Pat the area dry with a dry soft cloth.  It is not recommended to use a moisturizer or soap with perfume in it.  This will irritate the area and may make the condition worsen.  You can find many items in your home to help heal the hemorrhoids.  Radish pieces mixed with milk and pat on the area will relive the hemorrhoid in most cases.  Aloe gel will reduce the burning, itching and pain when applied to the area.  When used olive oil or coconut oil will reduce the itch as well.  Apple cider vinegar will help deal with the bleeding.  Put a couple of teaspoons in a glass of water at each meal and drink.  St John’s Wort is effective in eliminating the swelling.  This is usually taken by mouth but in this case it should be topically, please read the label for the proper instructions.  Echinacea will help with the itching but if the condition worsens then seek medical attention.  Lastly healing hemorrhoids with home treatments include witch hazel.  Witch hazel will shrink the hemorrhoid as well as ease the bleeding for internal hemorrhoids. 
I have spoken to several people with that have experienced hemorrhoids.  Dan is a 46 year old male who experiences hemorrhoids on a regular basis.  He uses home remedies to heal his hemorrhoids and has never had to use over the counter treatments or surgery.  Nancy a 53 year old female had one flare up.  Home remedies and over the counter treatments did not work for her and needed something more for healing hemorrhoids.  Her life became a mess because she was unable to focus on her daily routine.  Nancy had no choice but to seek medical attention so she could get back to normal.  Nancy had surgery and got immediate relief after 12 solid days of misery.  Most people have a hard time discussing their case of hemorrhoids.  I don’t blame them; it is an embarrassing, debilitating aliment.  If you can find a friend or family member to open up to this subject, you may find other treatments not mentioned here.
There are many over the counter, expensive treatments such as ointments, creams and suppositories.  Once again if your own treatments do not work, a more serious condition may be present.  Seek medical attention first when the need for healing hemorrhoids arises.  Your doctor may suggest the only treatment available to heal the hemorrhoids will be surgery.  There are a few available you and your doctor can find the best suited for your case.


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